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Local Targeted Clients

Customers come to us with their Polygraph Needs. We collect their detailed information, gather their name, and get exactly what they’re looking for. We then match up the client with a polygraph examiner from our network.

After you join, sit back, and wait for the bookings to come in.

Our marketing staff creates campaigns to attract qualified bookings across the United States. We’ll handle the appointment request, submit the appointment to your inbox, and ensure your clients show up to the exam.

Membership Means Trust

Our visitors such as law enforcement agencies, hiring firms, the general public, and other professionals hire trusted polygraph examiners.

We also partner with large firms and businesses to process their polygraph examinations through our network.

Our promise to screen and verify every listed polygraph examiner lets clients know that you are a trusted and established service provider.

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Marketing Approach

Your membership with us is “No Cost,” meaning we take on all the risk of finding you qualified leads, ready to do business with our polygraph examiners. greatly increases your exposure online, at polygraph trade shows, and conferences, in print publications and many other targeted channels to ensure you get the most qualified clients.

Submit Your Application

Complete your application by filling out the form to the right. Make sure that you include as much information as possible. If you don't know / don't have something, add N/A to the field.

Application Review

Our on-boarding team will review your application and verify any licensing requirements. Once your application is approved we will create your account so we can start sending you bookings.

Start Receiving Clients

Once approved, our system will list you as a preferred examiner. Anytime a client books an exam you will be notified via email and SMS text. Our system will automatically sync with your Google calendar, making it easy to keep track of your scheduled appointments. You will also receive a second courtesy reminder, 24 hours prior to the booked examination.

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