About PolyExams

We are a global network of Certified Polygraph Examiners who undergo our rigorous vetting process that includes quantitative and qualitative criteria for admission. Only a small percentage of applicants are admitted into our network of examiners.

Our goal is to help bridge the gap between polygraph examiners and the general public.

Our Guarantee:

All of our partners are licensed – when the state requires it – and hold the appropriate certifications in their specialty. All our polygraph partners are considered and recognized as expert forensics investigators.

We Work With:

We work with businesses, private individuals, and organizations. Having the right information about a suspect person or prospect employee may assist in protecting your family or business. You can ensure you are receiving the most accurate results. Our network of examiners offer the following types of examinations:

  • Cheating Spouse exams
  • Sex offender exams
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Employee theft
  • Exams for the wrongfully accused
  • Immigration exams
  • Lie Detect
  • Deception


The only way to find out the truth is with the help of a professional polygraph examiner.

Our lead examiner sits down with Atlanta Falcons Quarterback and finds out the truth to the questions that really matter.

Did he lie or did he tell the truth?

There is only one way to find out with the help of a professional polygraph examiner.